Sands Scottsdale Homeowners Association


Thank you for visiting the Sands Scottsdale Homeowners Association website. Sands Scottsdale is a planned community that was constructed over a ten year period beginning in 1973. It includes over 300 single family homes, 25 patio homes and 132 townhouses.

Every home owner in Sands Scottsdale immediately becomes a member of the Sands Scottsdale Master Homeowners Association. The Master Association maintains the common areas, enforces the Master HOA Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) and manages the association finances. It also manages the budgets and common areas for the Patio Homes, Sands Scottsdale One, Three and Four communities. Townhouse owners, in addition to belonging and contributing to the Master Association, also belong to the Townhouse Association for managing the private Townhouse community.

Sands Scottsdale continues to be a successful community because of the pride of its residents. Maintenance of the community and common areas are top priorities. Keeping the community current will ensure that it will always be one of the best places to live and enjoy life.