Sands Scottsdale Homeowners Association

Common Area Landscaping Plans

​November 2019

Hello Fellow Homeowners & Neighbors,
everal of you have contacted our property management company representative Bryan Palmaioli with questions and concerns regarding the recent removal of the trees in the common area south paseo. Thank you all for taking time and wanting to be involved in our neighborhood, it is much appreciated!

The Board of Directors is planning for updates to all the paseos over the next several years. The first paseo we selected for improvements for calendar year 2020 is the south paseo because of the extensive walkway damage that is a safety issue.  The south paseo travels south from Zuni Park to Via de Belleza. Some of you have expressed concerns about the large trees in our central paseo which travels east from the mailboxes on Via de Elemental to the south paseo. The owl population is a particular concern the Board shares for the central paseo. Improvements for the central paseo will be the last paseo update project – occurring at the earliest in 2024. This allows for plenty of homeowner input on the improvement plan. There are no plans to take down any trees in the central paseo at this time.

As you’ve seen over the past few years the Board completed improvement projects for the common areas in our entryway and the greenbelt along Indian Bend. You may have noticed these projects involved planting several trees, removing damaged trees, removing grass plantings and sprinklers along common walls, and installing xeriscape areas to complement the grass. These projects have enhanced our entryway appeal and preserve the “green” environment the majority of our neighbors prefer.

The challenges we have been facing in all of our common areas include:

  • trees planted along walkways and walls that were not sized properly for the available space causing property damage and unsafe conditions
  • trees planted in grass creating shallow root systems that are susceptible to storm damage
  • irrigation system designed for grass that is now 40+ years old that is inefficient and often breaks down
  • party wall damage caused by water/irrigation and by tree roots
  • walkway damage caused by tree roots creating a dangerous tripping hazard
  • repairing walls and walkways often requires damaging the tree root system creating an unsafe situation

The Board’s goals with updating the paseo landscaping is to provide several decades of enjoyment for our neighbors including the following:

  • creating safe common areas for people and for personal property
  • creating an inviting environment for pedestrians & cyclists
  • creating a landscape that conserves water
  • creating and maintaining grass spaces along the walkway for visual appeal and for dogs
  • planting/retaining trees where there is ample space for them to thrive
  • installing landscape lighting where possible
  • working within our operating budget

The south paseo has several trees that are too large for the space and have created wall and walkway damage. The walkway damage in particular is an immediate safety hazard that needs to be addressed. Repairing the walls and walkways will damage the tree roots, so tree removal unfortunately is necessary. The November work approved for the south paseo includes planting two new trees in the larger areas near Via de Sereno and fixing the walkways to eliminate the tripping hazards. The full south paseo remodel will occur spring 2020 once the board has approved landscaping plans and budget. We encourage your participation in that process.

The Board has added this 'Landscape' page to keep the community updated. Those who wish to volunteer to assist our landscape committee are encouraged! Please share your committee interest and contact information with Bryan at Tri-City and we will contact you with landscape meeting details. Participation at our Board meetings is also encouraged. The Board meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month Jan-Jun & Sept-Oct. The meeting schedule is posted on this website.

Should you wish to speak with a Board member before the January 2020 meeting, please let Bryan at Tri-City know.

Thank you again for sharing your questions and concerns. We look forward to continuing to have Sands Scottsdale be a neighborhood that everyone is proud to call home for the next several decades.


Sands Scottsdale Board of Directors
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